Below are some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. Hopefully, this information will provide some educational benefit to those visiting the site.

1. What are some primary causes of hearing loss?

  • Noise exposure and aging are the two most prominent causes of hearing loss.
  • Ear and Sinus infections, especially in children, also cause much hearing loss. Thankfully, a majority of this type of loss is temporary if appropriate treatment is sought.
  • Otologic or ear disease such as fixation or erosion of the ossicles (middle ear bones), commonly known as the Hammer, Anvil, and Stirrup, can cause hearing loss. Typically, surgical or medical treatment is needed for rehabilitation of these types of problems.
  • Many inherited syndromes and anomalies at birth also contribute to the prevalence of hearing impairment. In fact, about 1 in 1000 babies are born deaf. Local children, thanks to Colorado's infant hearing screening program, will be detected early in life and some may even hear again with advanced implant technology.
  • Some drugs are also ototoxic or damaging to the ear and may cause hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing of the ears).
  • For most people, hearing loss is due to aging and is commonly diagnosed as presbycusis which literally means hearing loss due to aging. This type of hearing loss is most often sensori-neural in nature which is nerve damage that cannot be recovered. Therefore, amplification is the primary means of rehabilitation.

2. What should I do if I suspect a hearing loss?

  • If there are no unusual symptoms such as drainage, dizziness, or pain in the ears then an appropriate place to start is to have a hearing evaluation. At First Choice, the evaluation includes an otologic or ear inspection using the latest in video otoscopy (video otoscope shown to the left). Using our state of the art ear camera an Audiologist or Board-Certified Specialist will show you your actual eardrum and clearly rule out any wax problems before your hearing is tested. Cerumen management or wax removal is available for a nominal fee from our staff audiologist when needed.
  • Next, a thorough hearing evaluation is given which includes pure-tone testing (air and bone), speech reception threshold, loudness discomfort level (both speech and frequency specific), and speech discrimination. Once the test is complete our professionals will discuss the results with you and make the appropriate recommendations based on all the information. At First Choice, we try to understand your lifestyle and hearing needs together so that, when providing you with hearing care, you are matched to the most appropriate solutions.

3. How much is the cost of the evaluation?

  • At First Choice, we offer a free initial screening and consultation to new patients. If a hearing loss is found, a comprehensive exam may be indicated and costs $65.00 (Medicare and most major insurance companies will cover the exam). We want anyone seeking help to be able to find out if there is a problem that should be addressed. If we find a hearing loss, we will offer recommendations as to what can be done to help you hear better. Just like we have done for the past 44 years.

4. How much do hearing aids cost?

  • Hearing aids range from $80.00 for a disposable insrument which lasts 40 days to $2500.00 for a custom fit completely-in the canal fully digital hearing instrument that lasts approximately 5 years.

5. Does insurance or medicare cover the expense of hearing aids?

  • Sometimes hearing instruments are covered depending on your insurance. We will glady check with your insurance carrier and work with your Doctor to get any covered expenses paid.

6. How long does the initial hearing evaluation take?

  • We spend anywhere from one-half an hour to two hours with you, depending on what we find and your needs.

7. Why should you come to First Choice for your hearing care?

  • At First Choice, we have been serving those with hearing problems for 3 generations and 44 years. We pride ourselves in providing a level of care second to none in the Pikes-Peak Region and Canon City. Using the latest technology available for testing and rehabilitation of hearing loss we are able to provide premium assistance to our patients. Our university trained staff audiologist and board-certified professionals also have the education needed to provide hearing health-care in todays advanced world. But most importantly, we care about giving you professional and caring hearing health-care in a helpful atmosphere!