First Choice Audiology and hearing care offers a wide variety of premium hearing products designed to deliver the best in quality and performance. We feature hearing instruments from Sonic Innovations, Siemens, Resound, Phonak, and Oticon. All are premier manufacturer's which offer the best products available today. We also have a wide variety of other hearing products such as amplified telephones, wireless television headphones, and professional grade earplugs for musicians and industry.

Our hearing instruments are designed to fit a wide variety of losses ranging from mild to severe hearing impairment. A full range of styles is available including the new Open-ear BTE, Behind-the-Ear, In-the-Ear, Half-Shell, In-the-Canal, Mini-Canal, and Completely-in-the-Canal. Prices range from $500.00 to $2500.00 per ear depending on size and technology.


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A must read for preparing the journey to better hearing.

Written by an audiologist for consumers with hearing loss and their families, this guide explores the volatile emotions and issues surrounding hearing loss and helps readers better understand the needs of people (primarily late-deafened adults) who are deaf or hard of hearing. Learn about available resources, incredibly easy techniques that will improve listening and hearing ability and how hearing aids and other devices can improve the quality of your life. (262 pages, softcover 6 x 9")

Price: $18.95 + S/H

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World's loudest in-line amplifier

  • Amplifies incoming voice up to 40dB
  • Tone control to enhance clarity
  • Boost button maximizes amplification and blocks out feedback and background noise
  • Connects easily between handset cord and phone base
  • Compatible with most home and office phones
  • Operates on one 9-volt battery (included)
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Price: $34.95 + S/H

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Guaranteed to wake you up!

  • Wake up to any combination of flashing light, audio alarm, or vibration (with optional vibrator)
  • Extremely loud, pulsating alarm with adjustable tone and volume controls up to 98 dB (sound can also be turned off)
  • Built-in outlet accommodates any lamp to 200 watts
  • Large, easy to see LED display
  • Snooze button
  • Works with Sonic Alert transmitters (doorbell, telephone, baby cry)
  • Two year manufacturer's warranty

Price: $49.95 + S/H

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Never miss another call!

  • Customize your phone ring for easier hearing
  • Maximize volume: 95dB
  • Choice of 4 volume levels, choice of 4 ring tones, choice of 4 ring patterns
  • Operates on four AA batteries (included)
  • Quick, easy installation, connects into phone jack
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Price: $49.95 + S/H

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Amplified Big Button Phone 37+db

Amplified Big Button Phone Jumbo-size buttons with Braille help you dial quickly and correctly. Phone also announces the numbers as you dial. When using a memory button, the phone will announce the name of the person you are calling, 10# memory, 37+ dB amplification of calls, super-loud adjustable ringer up to 100 dB, extra bright ring flasher.


Price: $108.75 + S/H

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Powerful amplifier and tone control provides loud, clear conversations.

  • Amplifies incoming voice up to 40 dB
  • Bright voice mail/missed calls indicator
  • "Extension in use" indicator
  • Back lighted keypad
  • super bright red ring flasher
  • Extra load 85dB ringer with tone settings
  • Auto redial, flash and hold buttons
  • Uses AC adapter (included)
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries required (not included)

Price: $139.95 + S/H

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Ameriphone Amplified Cordless +40db

Powerful 900MHz Amplified Cordless phone increases incoming sounds up to 100 times (up to 40+db)louder. Headset jack, audio jack for connecting assitive listening devices, adjustable tone control, automatic channel selection, large illuminated keypad. 10# speed dialing memory, hearing aid T-coil compatible handset. Extra loud ringer. White

Price: $129.95 + S/H


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Pocket size amplifier for people on the go!

  • Amplifies incoming voice up to 23+ dB
  • Clearest most powerful portable amplifier available
  • Easily straps onto any standard handset, perfect for payphones
  • Advanced circuitry automatically enhances word clarity
  • Soft carrying case and battery included

Price: $24.95 + S/H

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These Musicians Monitors are the same ones used by "Matchbox 20" and simply the best available. They are state-of-the art and custom fit to your ears. They include a 2-way driver that delivers unsurpassed sound quality that professional musician's require. They can be used as monitors during live performance or to listen to your favorite CD or even while watching a movie on your laptop. Not only versatile, but made to last, these monitors will provide years of quality listening. Models range from $175.00 to $800.00 and include the cost of impressions. Call for Ordering information.

Price: $175.00 to 800.00 + S/H


All different sizes for all your different hearing instruments

  • Size #13 (A.K.A. B26, 13A, B26PA)
  • Size #312 (A.K.A. B347, 347PA, 312A)
  • Size #10 (A.K.A. B20PA, B20, 20A)
  • Size #5 (A.K.A. B7PA, B7)

Price: $8.00 + S/H

  • Size #675 (A.K.A. 357)

Price: $5.00 + S/H

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  • Perfect for anyone and especially those with difficulty hearing.
  • Volume and tone adjustments right on the headphones.
  • Can watch television without disturbing anyone else
  • Will hook up to any TV or stereo with three hook up options (headphone jack, RCA plugs, or microphone)

Price: $209.00 + S/H

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