We offer a full range of audiological and hearing aid services. These include hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and professional grade hearing protection for all applications (Musicians, Construction workers, and Industry). We also offer service on any make or model hearing instrument.

Our diagnostic and/or testing services include:

Audiometric (Hearing) evaluations:

a. Pure-tone testing
b. Bone-conduction testing
c. Speech testing
1. Speech Reception Threshold
2. Loudness discomfort level
3. Speech discrimination
d. Frequency-specific loudness discomfort levels

Tympanometry and Middle Ear analysis:

a. Compliance measurements
b. Acoustic Reflex testing
c. Reflex Decay

Real-ear Measurements (Used to verify appropriate amplification of hearing aid fittings)

a. Real-ear Unaided Response
b. Real-ear Aided Response
c. SSPL-90 Response
d. Electro-acoustic analysis of hearing instruments to verify performance to manufacturer's specifications.

Other Services:

  • Counseling pertaining to hearing loss and hearing rehabilitation
  • Fitting of hearing instruments
  • Rehabilitative communication strategies and products (Amplified telephones, wireless TV headphones, or vibrating alarm clocks)

At First Choice Hearing, we make sure not to forget the most important kind of service... "Customer Service". All of our staff truly cares about your hearing health-care needs and provide a level of service second to none. Furthermore, we strive to provide services in a professional and caring manner through honesty and dedication.